Pocket PCs – not just for Windows any more

All the time people ask us, “Are you guys nuts?”

“What Mac user would want a Pocket PC?”

Our answer is always the same — all of them!

Macs and Pocket PCs are great at the same things, but most Mac users will never know it.

Why? Because many software companies feel they can ignore the Mac market. They have for years and they’ll keep right on doing it.

We have used many of these PCs to access the web and when I was looking to sell my house fast, this was very useful indeed.

They love to tell themselves that the Mac is only some small percentage of the market but what they fail to realize is that even 1% of the market is still tens of millions of users. And, these tens of millions of users are super-passionate about their computers.

What better audience could developers of new hardware and software ask for?

Yet, no Pocket PC will work with a Mac out-of-the-box.

Think about it – the things that Pocket PCs are great at, namely




Flash content


Web browsing

Wireless networking

are the very same tasks and activities that people love to use their Macs for!

And, any serious Mac user will tell you that the handwriting recognition of the Pocket PC is the first thing to even come close to what Apple’s Newton could do years ago.

Add to that the fact that when compared to the Palm, which has been Mac users’ only other option so far, the Pocket PCs consistently rank faster and easier-to-use by far!